This website values the privacy of all visiting people and so it assures them the right protection if they gather and utilize the available information. This existing policy exists to help all valid users in understanding on how the owner evaluates the information and in determining the exact functions of a reverse lookup solution. To avoid any kind of issue, all registered or active users must accept their responsibility when it comes to understanding and accepting this imposed privacy policy.

Obtaining Information or Details

This reliable website needs to obtain information or details from all active users. The usual information or details to collect include a user’s name, home address, email, citizenship, gender, age and employment. However, the owner does not collect private information illegally and all users must agree to submit the required data voluntarily before they can proceed. When obtaining and using the data, the owner does not allow unlawful activities because the intention is to complete the request effectively under the imposed guidelines.

Evaluating Cookies or Web Beacons

This website needs to evaluate and use the cookies or web beacons to help in verifying all the details from active users. The obtained information usually includes the IP address, operating system (OS) and current browser. This kind of process is necessary in determining the numbers of people who view and use the site. To prevent any kind of issue when evaluating the cookies, this includes the existing cookie policy from the European Union (EU) region.

Sharing of Information or Details

The owner only shares information or details from those legitimate partnered agencies or service providers that require such process. When making a decision to share, the intention is to prevent bogus callers or fraudsters that come from unregistered numbers. Typically, the owner can likewise share information to authorized government agencies under certain term.

As the owner of this reliable lookup site, the authority to change and/or delete the guidelines comes from our personal decision. It does not need any permission when changing and/or deleting from this website.