Travel to the State of New Jersey with these Adventurous Destinations

When talking about the best places to visit in America, we can surely include the state of New Jersey because of its improving economy and that include its tourism industry. This particular state is very accessible for countless of travelers like you because it lets you visit the states of New York and Pennsylvania.

Known as the “Garden State,” it definitely brings the most interesting and satisfying vacation for millions of tourists for all good reasons.

Not many people knew that New Jersey is among the underrated destinations for adventure travelers out there who are visiting the United States. Well, they now need to remember that this place offers remarkable natural environments, wildlife, stunning beach resorts, historic landmarks and intriguing attractions that visiting people should not missed.

The following are some of the best and adventurous destinations:

New Jersey Shore Cape May

If you decided to visit and enjoy this destination, it lets you reminisce back to the ancient Victorian times because you will discover various 1600-era building structures. The main street itself offers an interesting tourist experience and the feeling of walking along the back roads is amazing. In case you brought your loved ones with you, it is easier to find relaxation with them by spending time on the nearby beach. This tourist attraction likewise offers the best wineries of New Jersey.

Maritime Forest

When visiting this adventurous destination, you will surely enjoy the stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, one of the most historic locations of this forest includes the great Barnegat Lighthouse State Park. According to the information about this park, countless of migratory birds are coming here because the people are feeding them. Aside from the opportunity to view the different types of birds, you can also discover other species at the forest such as deer and box turtles, among others.

Beaver Pond Trail

If you want to experience seeing actual lava rock formations from the volcano, the Beaver Pond Trail offers a great dormant that existed many years ago. When trekking or hiking around the place, you will discover the many scars on various trees that served as clear evidences of the flowing lava before. As expected, the trek becomes more exciting when heading to the High Point Mountain and giving you a glimpse of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. With this kind of experience, you and your loved ones will surely be coming back for more in New Jersey.

Appalachian Trail

To enjoy the wilderness of this state, you need to pass and through the rough or plain terrain of the area as part of your Appalachian Trail adventure. If you case you consider passing through the rough terrain, you will meet experienced trekkers are passing here because the level of adventure is thrilling. In this beautiful state, another interesting place to trek is the High Point State Park Monument Trail. This is a perfect spot for those who love seeing magical views from the Mother Nature such as the Delaware River.

With these mentioned adventurous destinations in New Jersey are remarkable to see. If you are all set to travel, be sure to include them on your itinerary.