US President Donald Trump Visits New Jersey, Next Week in New York

US President Donald Trump is at New Jersey for an almost 2-week vacation and reached the place on Monday around 6 am. However, the US leader stated on the information he published through his Twitter account that his vacation is not about to unwind, but he is continuing doing his job as the president. ‘

“Working hard from New Jersey while White House goes through long planned renovation,” as posted in Twitter and quoted by ”Going to New York next week for more meetings, ” he added.

The visit of Trump in the state of New Jersey is the first time since he won the US presidential election in 2016. Despite the visibility of some anti-Trump demonstrators outside the streets, his visit is necessary as he return to his hometown as the new leader of the White House.

According to the news also, US President Trump did not yet visit his house at the Fifth Avenue or any of his properties in the city since he arrived.

Trump is staying at his Bedminster’s golf club and the demonstrators outside are still visible to oppose his visit. As detailed from the news report through, there is also a signage with a written 70-foot letters “RESIST” word from the cornfield, which they needed to cut. This kind of huge signage is definitely visible from the air when riding a plane.

Although Governor Chris Christie welcomed the US President warmly, his political rivals from New Jersey showed their chilly welcome as well.

“It’s not like he’s really here. He’s not going to walk down Main Street and buy an ice cream cone,” Democratic state Sen. Richard Codey said. “Perhaps he might see Christie there,” the former NJ governor added.

Based on statistics, Trump did not win in this particular state in last year’s presidential race because he only obtained 28% votes. It is obvious that the people here chose his rival Hilary Clinton because she garnered almost 20,000 votes from Somerset County, while Trump only got 8 votes, according from the reported news.

This county is where the golf club of Trump exists.

In line with the vacation of the American president, Hope Hicks stated that they will have more information about the visit on the coming day or so when asked about Trump’s itinerary plan while in the state and his visit in New York next week.

Hicks talk as a representative from the White House.

For the past few months, there had been information that Trump is visiting New Jersey, but most of them are not real. Every time they learn about his visit, the people are planning to gathering in a particular venue, yet only expects for nothing.

According to Stephen P. Davis, they had announced and prepared few trips for the president, but did not pursue, as detailed on the news online. Davis is the current New York Police Department’s chief spokesman.

From the statement of the police department, they spend about $308,000 per day when the president visits New York for his protection. As for the protection of his son and wife, the department needs to spend between $127,000 up to $146,000 per day, as detailed by